6 Milestones For Baby

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Fist off congratulations on your new born.There is nothing as miraculous as a new born. To witness life in its simple, innocent form transformed later to an adult. These milestones for baby are special and it helps to know what to expect during the months ahead.So I will be sharing what to expect in the next six months.Note that each baby is an individual and accomplishment time may vary so it is important not to compare your baby with another.Also if your baby has a medical condition such as Autism,a genetic or congenital disorder or born prematurelythen  these miles stones may be delayed and it would be best to work closely with the pediatrician.

Some milestones to expect

First month

Focus on face

Lift Head slightly when on tummy


Follow Objects

Second month

Hold head steady when upright

Roll over one way

Reach for an object

Pay attention to small objects eg ball

Third Month

Laugh loudly

Bring hands together

Lift head at 90 degrees when on tummy

Make a we razzing sound

Fourth Month

Hold head steady when upright

Grasp a rattle

Say ah goo


Fifth Month

Sit without support

Turn in the direction of voice

Object if you try to remove something that baby is holding


Try to stand

Six Month

Bear some weight on legs

Feed self a cracker

Pass object from one hand to the next

Look for dropped objects


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  1. This is awesome. I am a mom, grandma, and former OB nurse. I remember going to my books (when I had time) and looking up all of this information. I could never remember which page it was on. This is so easy for new moms. Keep up the great work here. It is needed for new moms.

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