10 keep Sake Ideas

Keepsakes for baby are a great way to keep memories and help your growing child  have a map and proud legacy later on to look back and share with generations to come. These moments are special and priceless.

Keep sakes can range from simple everyday moments to customize items specific to baby.

Your child will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness to document life’s milestone and this  can continue to foster that bond by going down memory lane.The beautiful things is you can keep whatever you think was special at the time.

Some examples of simple inexpensive keepsakess are:

Home made videos

Umbilical cord

First lock of hair

First shoe

Christening clothes(first clothes to church)

First blancket

First drawings

First picture

First steps

First scrap book

Some examples of Customize keepsakes are;

Customize foot prints or hand prints



Photo shoot

Cube box documenting date and time  of birth ,weight and height

And you can make up so many others.

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10 thoughts on “10 keep Sake Ideas”

  1. Hi Charlene, this is good information because that way me and my wife are going to remember our children and they also will appreciate this good stuff.

  2. Yes, I love the keepsakes on my babies. Now that they are grown I wish we kept them altogether. Seems every time I am cleaning out a closet, desk or hutch I find another one. My twins were our last and we were just overwhelmed to think about it.

  3. Charlene thank you for these keepsake ideas. I have 3 grandchildren now under 2 years old. So I will be talking to their parents about some of your keepsake ideas. All the best to you.

    Please don’t forget to encourage someone today!
    Vanna Pearl

  4. Lots of great ideas. I have a keepsake box for both of my kids with lots of “first” items. I also have a baby tooth album which stores their baby teeth with a record of the date that each tooth fell out. These things are priceless.

    1. Great ideas and addition to the list. I am sure that your kids will love to hear those stories and be able to pass on to their children great stuff. Thanks Helen

  5. Hi Charlene…you have a a lot of informative info to offer here. I particularly enjoyed reading about keepsakes. All of my children are grown, and my lovely wife has since passed on, but from time to time, I’ll pull out some of keepsakes of my children when they were small, and just remember the good times…………thanks

    1. Hi Mr Terry,
      I am sorry to hear about you wife .Thank you for the comments and the fact that keeps sakes are indeed necessary to keep those precious memories alive!

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