4 Ways On How To Keep Baby Safe

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Welcome to another important tip on your growing bundle of joy.Today we are focusing on safety in the home for your baby.

It is important for all caregivers to know how to keep baby safe and must not be taken for granted whether it is the first child or second all children are different.My experience was that no two child are the same, most second born children are more exploratory than the first and some parents then to think that once they have a child and has gone through the rigors it is okay to relax.Do not make that mistake!

Be Vigilant

From the time baby is born, vigilance is key. Sudden Death Syndrome is not a thing of the past , it still happens in some cases because of poor supervision and in some cases negligence.

So the first thing you want to do to keep baby safe  is to have a car seat which is mandatory in some countries when transporting baby home from the hospital and transporting thereafter. When at home be careful about stuff toys, strings and blankets. These are hazards and can cause more harm than good if not used properly.As the baby gets older and is developing the skill of grabbing which is really exploring the environment ,the  natural thing to do is grab and  put in the mouth. Sometimes these  can cause suffocation and can also be a choking hazard for baby if not supervised properly. Therefore,if they have to be used ,ensure that blankets are safely tucked in, stuffed toys are not oversized based on age and strings if attached to clothing are safely secured or avoided if possible..

Baby proof house

One of the things parents need be mindful of when a new addition is in the family is adjustments. There are questions to be asked:

How to keep my baby safe in the house

Aesthetics or safety?

What Do I really want?

Firstly, keeping baby safe in the home is no small feat.Many times it is a full time job. so hats off to moms and dads!. Depending on the layout of the home there are some basics that must be done. Put a barricade or designate a special area in the home that is just for baby. Depending on the age ,use age appropriate décor. For example if baby is  a month or two then it is time for visuals on the wall ,bright colors and swinging items out of reach of course,then in the crawling stage soft material to touch and manipulate with supervision they must not be too small to easily go into the mouth to swallow so a glass marble even though it looks pretty  is out of the question!. A rattle for example is great with different colors and being able to make sounds is a great addition for baby to enjoy moments of supervised fun!.

Secondly, as baby become more mobile as in crawling, creeping or standing up .you want to ensure that there are no prized possessions or heirloom or any thing that is considered valuable to you left in reach for those chubby hands to grab and let go in a second especially glass or porcelain.Put all breakables out of reach. Your home may be looking like a dance hall for a while but your friends and family will understand that there is a baby around and as was mentioned earlier depending on the lay out of the home this may or may not be the case.

Thirdly,you want to ensure that baby is kept safe at all times. I know some mothers like to have baby around all the time even in the kitchen but I also know of many cases of burns and scars for life of making that mistake not to mention  guilt and blame that comes with it.If you must keep an eye on baby then  ensure that he/she is properly secured in a high chair if you have one, in a play pen or in a designated area that you can glance over from time to time to ensure safety.Remember God has given you this precious life to take care of and it is a privilege as much as it is a responsibility

Electrical outlets

Electrical outlets need to be baby proof as well.You want to ensure hat the hazard of electrical shock is avoided by blocking off the outlet using an electrical outlet cap or safety plugs.

Bath Time

Depending on where you are and what you can afford.Bath time can be very luxurious or challenging. I have read of cases where  babies  have drown in a bucket of water or tub. At no time should any child below the age of two be left unattended not for a split second. Always make bath time fun and safe use less water ensure that it luke- warm not hot be prompt and ensure baby is safe at all times.

Until next time.do take care of yourself and your precious loved one. Do not forget to leave a comment I would like to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “4 Ways On How To Keep Baby Safe”

  1. There’s lots of useful information here, I know, I’m a father of 3 and grandfather to 11 so I’m used to babies and all of the above apply, especially vigilance.
    Well done for passing on this knowledge.

  2. Thank you Charlene for bringing awareness. Some simple and mindful preparation along with supervision can help from a lifetime of regret and heartache. Appreciate the post

  3. I like the information that has been proved in this article. As a father of two kids with my first being 2 years old and my second being almost 2 months, i find that alot of the information in this article really reminds me about what i have to go through on a daily basis. Some of what was pointed out i never really paid attention to but now i will. Thanks for the information. Really great article.

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