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Welcome once again to an exciting world of sharing.Today I am going to share on best book for baby.

So you have gotten over the hurdle of sleepless nights frequent diaper changes and adjusting schedules. Your baby is growing and you want to add a little library to continue to enhance the overall development of baby .By this time your infant is beginning to try to grab and hold things, so new toys and indeed books will need to be included so baby can spend the day having lots of interesting things to do with your supervision naturally.

Here are a few ideas on what type of book to choose, by this I mean the texture type of book. There are different types of books out there but not all are appropriate for baby .Cloth, board books ,vinyl and foam type books are

Baby Board book

appropriate for baby at this age(three to nine months)

Card Board Type

You want books that are safe and can stand the test of time therefore small cardboard type of books are appropriate .This is not only practical but can be managed by baby who can try to turn the pages, bite and explore the different colors and textures available.

Cloth Type

Cloth type books are also available and may  need some help from care givers to use, indeed if they become wet can be dried but can be somewhat difficult for some to manipulate as they do not lie flat.

Vinyl Type

There is the vinyl type books which are great during bath time especially for those babies who are fussy during this time. It would be a great tool to create that relaxing environment that bath time is suppose to be. These books can also be wiped after use and allow to dry to avoid mildew.

Spiral binding books of any type whether board or cloth are great because baby can turn the pages easily and can be a visual and tactile stimulant as well.

Foam Books

These are also soft and rubber like at the same time. Suitable for small hands and also great for bath time. Since baby is still small, do not purchase the ones with loose pieces and even this is done to store for a later stage usage must be under supervision.


Illustrations at the stage image is every thing. look for books that have bright  and bold images that are large and appropriate for what baby is familiar with for example dog, cat(animals) ball, vehicles, baby faces .It would best if one image is on the page rather than having lots of images at a time.


It would be best at first to use ‘one word on a page’ books because they are  simple and they help the baby to develop vocabulary ahead of the speaking vocabulary phase. Books with rhymes can be used a little later within the three to nine month phase where baby is more into the listening stage and not so much understanding so sounds are important.

Books that enhances activity like the feeling of texture books allows exploring  the different elements of the subject for example the bark  of a tree  and different shapes. This

Books with textures

would be a plus for both caregiver and baby. Peekaboo games are never boring  during the alert phase of baby’s day and  makes interaction added fun and enhances bonding time.


Always remember to use different tones when reading, one that reflects excitement. Read slowly and in a singing sort of way which helps make this a fun exercise.

Until next time do leave a comment below to say if this has been helpful to you or add suggestions as to how this can be more helpful. Perhaps there are other types of books you found to be helpful.






4 thoughts on “Best Book For Baby-get the right tools”

  1. Charlene,
    I’m so glad I came across your site. I have two twin girls (9 months old). I had no idea that I can buy children books in different textures. That’s wonderful! My babies have been chewing on their brother’s books left and right. Actually one of my girls almost chocked on a piece of paper ripped from the book.
    Your post is very helpful.

    Thank you,

    1. You are welcome Sierra. There are books out there that you can buy that are appropriate for children that age .Amazon has a great selection of books you can choose from.

  2. Hi Charlene.
    I just love this article. I get so worried that reading to children is almost a thing of the past. I’m glad that you are still putting it out there that reading to children is so important. It’s a bonding time, too. I have grandbaby #11 due in May and I am already looking so forward to those times of cuddling and reading to that sweet infant.
    The type of book is so important at this stage. There are so many good and safe choices to pick from. I just love the books that are safe for baby to hold. You’ve listed a great selection. Thanks so much for this great information.
    All the best.

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