5 Importance Of Baby Books

Baby Books are  important because they are like a window to the new world for your baby.Not only for him or her but also a great bonding activity for mother as well.


Bonding is crucial in the early stages of infancy. It makes parenting easier as the child will be less fussy because he/she feels comfortable with mommy or daddy  and hearing the parent’s voice  creates a special time. As the baby develops into a toddler and is able to articulate his or her thoughts and feelings, demonstrated in the preference for a favorite book or character this becomes even more special because you are now able to interact more and  respect for his feelings and thoughts which is also teaching prosocial skills and also allowing us parents to be more creative in story telling.


Reading baby books  are important because when done properly, creates a routine for baby and mother and therefore allows the child to be more settled especially at bedtime. This also provides a feeling of security as the child would  look forward for that special time of transition from a busy day to a calm environment where sharing of thoughts through reading and discussion can take place. It is also giving the child skills later on to be able to come up with their own relaxation techniques before bedtime.

Developing vocabulary

Believe it or not  babies start developing his/her vocabulary early even though they are unable to speak.So do not think that they are not aware of their surroundings.Actually you will be a great help in stimulating your child to communicate through reading and baby books is one way by which they can hear different rhythms  and tones.Of course this is an ongoing exercise that can well up to the teens.When the baby  develops into a child and later teenager his or her spelling and expressive skills will clearing be an advantage as the ability to read, understand and analyze would have been sharpened by your active participation through  simple but profound discussions that took place at bedtime  which started years ago.

A Love For Reading

As the child develops into a toddler and later adolescent there will be a love for reading which will help in his/her ability to express ideas in  a clear and articulate manner, develop comprehension skills which will be a great help at exam time and will also expand the bank of learning new information which can enlarge the mind’s thinking and exploratory skills.


Stimulation is very important especially after long bouts of sleeping which is the norm for newborns.In addition to toys and hanging objects, a book that is small and handy filled with bright simple pictures are not only great for baby but also a tool for conversing with baby,thus the bonding continues and is further enhanced.However there is need for observing when the baby has enough so there is no over stimulation.

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8 thoughts on “5 Importance Of Baby Books”

  1. Yes this is good information to know. My wife and I are first time parent so it has been a heck of an experience. Think we are doing well so far, but there is always more to learn. Glad to see you are helping to educate parents on properly caring for their infant, because it looks so much easier on tv haha.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your article. I read to my daughter every day when she was a baby and now she loves to read. I have such nice memories of reading to her and sharing the stories. We still talk about some of them. Such good times. Lovely post!

  3. Charlene, As a parent, grandparent, foster parent and once again a parent, I can wholeheartedly agree with you on the value of reading with children from day one and continuing as long as possible. It does form a strong bond and helps in children’s development. Plus, its a lot of fun!

  4. Charlene, I absolutely love it when children are read to and eventually learn to read themselves. The time spent with parents is truly a wonderful way to bond.

    Reading with our children when they are past the baby stage, gives us another platform for discussions. It’s also a great opportunity to teach and learn new things. From an educator and librarian, who appreciates and values reading, thanks for the encouragement in Cyberworld.

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