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Hi I am Charlene,

I want to share on the importance of baby books during the first few months of a child’s life.

It is important to start early because it will set the foundation of continuous  learning later on in life.

Mom and son

What greater gift can you give to your child than equipping them to face life challenges head on.

I am very passionate about reading because I saw the negative effects a child encounters in not being able to read. This not only affects the child  academically by not being able to participate effectively in class but also socially -not being able to get ahead and is left behind.

Therefore,introducing reading  in the infant stage is never too early. In fact, research have shown lots of benefits as to why this should be so which I have shared in more detail on my Baby Books page.

I recall when my little one was born how excited I was to give him a head start  to love books.Because it is really the window to the  world.So I started to read aloud while he was still in the womb which helped him to instantly connect with me outside of the womb through voice recognition.

Reading to him even when he did not understand helped later on with recognizing simple words,pictures and numbers as he developed during preschool and kindergarten.

As a parent for over twelve years I feel the need to share with new mothers and parents on the whole what I have learnt when it comes to reading and the benefits of it  and hope that this will help as you go along this privileged journey.

If you need any feed back or support. I will be happy to respond.Here is an invitation to leave your comments below and to visit my website regularly for interesting updates as you progress on your journey of parenthood.

All the best parents and guardians.



Founder of Baby Books